When you admire someone, you naturally want them to think highly of you. And as the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery. But the thing is, if you are truly admiring the right people, they will want you to become the best version of yourself, not the second-best version of them.

Mature Communication

Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. This includes communicating the good AND the bad. If you only communicate the positive and sweep the negative under the rug, this is like living on a diet of sugar; it's delicious, but not life-sustaining. However, if you only focus on the bad and leave out the good, that's akin to being on starvation rations; eventually, that relationship will look as bad as a wanna-be Instagram model.

LIVE for Something

Yesterday I was listening to a song, and one of the lyrics stood out to me: "Why isn't anyone willing to die for anything anymore?" (paraphrased). At first glance, being willing to die for something is the ultimate commitment.  You are willing to lay down your LIFE for this thing, which means you are willing... Continue Reading →


Actively choosing what or who you allow into your life is the greatest determiner of where you will end up. If you do not purposefully choose your influences, they will choose you. And usually, the things or people that choose you are simply what's laying around where you are. Sometimes you'll get lucky. Most of the time, you'll get complacent.

Living with Intention

Yesterday as I was driving into work, I realized about half way to my school that I had been driving in silence.  Normally, I have the radio blasting, pumping me up for a long day of dealing with the deep woes and immediate highs that tend to follow adolescent boys and girls. The fact that... Continue Reading →


Rather than seeking perfection, seek instead to find spaces in which to grow and develop in some way. If a choice gives you an option for mental, physical, or emotional expansion, make it. If you feel yourself flourishing around someone, keep them. If an opportunity will help you become a better overall person, seize it.

Enjoy the Ride

Many times we succumb to society's ideals of what a journey should look like or when we should reach a certain destination. Females especially are susceptible to this pitfall. If you are making progress towards a goal, a life desire, or even simply just having fun, you are doing it right.

Awesome Begats Awesome

Potential without action is useless. There is everything right with seeing true potential inside or outside of yourself. There is everything wrong with simply sitting back and expecting great things to happen with no effort.

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