Jordyn Woods and Her Scarlet Letter

I don’t usually get caught up in celebrity gossip because, let’s face it, it’s normally all just hype and drama anyways. However, the Woods-Kardashian tornado that has ripped through social media the past week drew me in when Jordyn went on Red Table Talk to discuss her side of the story.

Background: I have watched Red Table Talk since it first started, and I absolutely love the premise and execution of the show. They have had many intense, badly-needed discussions, and while their show obviously cannot combat the years of crapoola that certain entitled citizens of this country have put various members of society through, it it undeniably a great start.

Since I highly respect Jada Pinkett Smith based on her conversations and the energy she exudes during her show, I tuned in to see how she would handle this controversy. She did not disappoint; I felt that she discussed the matter with Jordyn in a manner that was both sensitive and firm.

Assuming that Woods’ conversation was completely honest and transparent, I feel like this whole controversy highlights the importance of several key pieces of adulthood, namely: being loyal to those you love, maturity levels, and the dangers of alcohol.

From my limited knowledge of the subject (i.e. memes and Twitter threads), it appears as though Tristan Thompson is hardly the model of relationship chastity. While we can never know what goes on behind closed doors, it is safe to say that his behavior on numerous occasions casts more than one shadow of a doubt on his abilities to keep his eye fixed where it should belong. This obviously is the root of the problem, as a man who cannot remain loyal to his woman does not deserve the gift of her presence and will never contribute to a peaceful home.

However, there is also the faithfulness of Jordyn to the family that she has been a surrogate part of for years that was lacking. Not disclosing the kiss to Khloe was not only dishonest, but also shows a lack of loyalty to a someone who is not just a fellow woman but a sister.

This is a more subtle, yet still palpable problem that faces many young females. There is this sneaky sense of pride that comes with being able to attract any man, no matter who he might be or whom he may belong to, and that sense of accomplishment can blind some into discounting years of friendships for a fleeting moment of power.

Those of us who have fully donned our adult hoods know that this will never, ever be worth it: your friends, if they are true, are always worth more than the trouble this dalliance could cause.

Therefore, Jordyn’s lack of forth-coming, I believe, has much to do with maturity levels or lack thereof. Many of us have made similar decisions back in the day that our older versions look back on while shaking their grayer, wiser heads. It is maturity that allows us to push through the twinge of fear that can accompany such heavy revelations, and it is maturity that nudges us to accept the responsibility for our part in any wrong-doing.

The ultimate goal of any conversation should be to reveal the truth, even if said truth is twisted and ugly and trying to bite you. It is better to expose the repulsive blob to oxygen right away and watch it die rather than try to stuff it away and still feel it twisting and pulsating inside you.

Which, I believe, Jordyn Woods is realizing.

However, there is yet another culprit in this situation that is responsible for so many hurts in the world, and that is alcohol. I have been in MANY positions drunk that I never EVER would have imagined myself being in whilst in a sober state, and many of those situations do prompt regret.

When you are in a state of clouded judgement, so many things happen that in your current inebriation seem “fine” or even “normal”. However, when the mist clears, those memories are anything but ok. Usually, this leads to hilarious recaps and good-natured shaming between friends, but it is also a gateway for darker rehash sessions, tears, and humiliation.

Of course, I’m not one to turn down a glass of wine, but now that I am nearing 30 as well as happily in a relationship I have left my days of stumbling out of the bar at 2am behind. Not just because I’m not looking for a man, but also because that 5th shot could possibly convince me that there’s no harm in looking, and I might wake up the next morning with a shamefully near miss, throwing away an amazing relationship because my need to party was greater than my desire to provide peace of mind to the one I love.

Truth be told, I don’t really think that I would engage in such behavior even under the influence of alcohol, but if you are not fully in control of yourself, you truly never know, and therefore, it’s better to either make sure you control the situation beforehand (i.e. drinks with the girls at home or happy hour) or not put yourself in that position at all. If, of course, you have hold of something that is worth exercising self-control.

Overall, I feel truly sorry for Jordyn–not only did she hurt people that she loved, and that always is the shittiest of feelings, but she has to go through this very private, wrenching process in the public eye, which delights in judging without a jury, accusing without care, and emphasizing evil without empathy.

While Jordyn Woods may resemble a modern-day Hester Prynne, we can hopefully remove ourselves from the role of jeering townspeople and allow her the space to incorporate this harsh, painful lesson into her still-forming mantle of adulthood, which I hope will become one of maturity and grace. And before we allow ourselves to get caught up in the swirling winds, just remember: let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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