The Importance of Grounding

There is rarely a time when life smoothly and uneventfully flows from one day to the next (and, to be honest, if it does, you're usually not living up to your full potential). If your life is anything like mine, there are surprises popping out like funhouse clowns every time you think things have finally... Continue Reading →

Creating Steam

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary lies in pushing through those moments where you feel like you've hit a wall. Ordinary stops and shrugs its shoulders. Extraordinary picks up a sledgehammer and starts swinging.

Laying the Foundation

I've been thinking a lot the last couple days about the foundation for optimization.  What is it that is going to make me truly ready to take on this new chapter in my life and make more than just a pipe dream or a flash-in-the-pan burst of inspiration?  What will guarantee that I succeed?  Putting... Continue Reading →

The Optimization Operation

This blog is the result of a conversation I had with a friend yesterday. We were discussing the New Year (like everyone else that day), and I read him my New Years Resolutions off the Notes on my iPhone. Travel out of the country Start writing a book Reach optimum physical health (lifestyle change-no diets)... Continue Reading →

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