Quilting Happiness

Your happiness is like an old, hand-pieced multicolored quilt that has been in your family for generations. It blankets everything. It is handmade. No one else has one just like it.


Rather than seeking perfection, seek instead to find spaces in which to grow and develop in some way. If a choice gives you an option for mental, physical, or emotional expansion, make it. If you feel yourself flourishing around someone, keep them. If an opportunity will help you become a better overall person, seize it.

Making a Choice

If you are a frequent social media user (and really, who isn't these days), I'm sure you've seen the "Just Do It!" video put out by Shia Lebeouf over a year ago. While his gesticulations,  posturing, and total commitment to this piece invite a lot of humor, his overall message fits in nicely with my... Continue Reading →

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