Standards vs. Expectations

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is how to know when you are expecting too much versus how to realize when you are compromising your standards.  I feel that in the modern world of the internet, people tend to view the extravagant things that they see on social media as acceptable/common... Continue Reading →

What are you worth?

I've been thinking about relationships quite a bit lately, and today has been a particularly contemplative day.  Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast on the value of time detailing, among other things, why certain people are justified in charging large amounts of money for their skill set (Forever Jobless, Season 2, Episode 49).  He... Continue Reading →

Your Truth

This morning I indulged in a bit of idiocy and engaged in a couple Facebook comment discussions about a highly controversial subject.  Normally, I stay far, far away from such interactions and scroll hastily past threads 27 comments deep with people spewing their self-righteous opinions fast and furiously.  Yet today, I felt the need to... Continue Reading →

Making a Choice

If you are a frequent social media user (and really, who isn't these days), I'm sure you've seen the "Just Do It!" video put out by Shia Lebeouf over a year ago. While his gesticulations,  posturing, and total commitment to this piece invite a lot of humor, his overall message fits in nicely with my... Continue Reading →

Optimal Connections

Tonight's thoughts have been about our day-to-day connections; specifically, what it takes to create optimal relationships.  These thoughts were spurred by a small act of kindness that I received this morning: I had 3 minutes to go until my first period class started, and the copier was acting like a spoiled brat.  Since I have... Continue Reading →


As I sit here after my final weekend of holiday break, my thoughts keep going back to the importance of discipline.  My last Friday and Saturday of freedom were filled with friends, food, and alcohol.  This makes for great memories and satisfied taste buds, but stepping on the scale this morning sent me right back... Continue Reading →


As I have been setting up my foundation for 2017, I keep coming back to the question "HOW will I make my life optimal?"  I already know WHY I want to make it the best it can be, but what does that actually look like? There are some people who cannot wait to ditch their... Continue Reading →

Optimization is Hard

Today I came to the realization that optimization is hard.  The desire to make every aspect of your life as amazing as possible is not hard to ignite, but taking the actual steps to do so? Brutal. I've come to this realization because of the conversation I had this morning with the guy I've been... Continue Reading →


Today I went to the beach for the first time in WAY too long.  It had been raining off and on all day, but when I got out of the gym the sky was full of sunshine, and the air was fresh and clean just waiting to be breathed in.  When I walked onto the... Continue Reading →

Laying the Foundation

I've been thinking a lot the last couple days about the foundation for optimization.  What is it that is going to make me truly ready to take on this new chapter in my life and make more than just a pipe dream or a flash-in-the-pan burst of inspiration?  What will guarantee that I succeed?  Putting... Continue Reading →

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